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15 bugs per 1000 lines of code find their way to your client.

What to expect?

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Delivering high-quality software to your clients, is probably one of your main concerns. Because, let's be honest, you wouldn't be on this page otherwise. And believe us, for us, it's as important, and we want to help you.

Have you ever launched a software application, and had to get it back offline, because of... bugs? Or maybe it didn't even make it that far, because there were too many delays thanks to undetected... bugs. Believe us, you are not alone.

You probably already new that 15 bugs per 1000 lines of code find their way to your client. Because it's the title of this page. But do you know how you can detect those, before it is too late? Let's dive into this together.

We know the frustration. You've put in countless hours of development, only to have a small bug slip through and cause major disruptions. It's not just about the immediate fix; it's about the ripple effect. The delays, the customer dissatisfaction, the added stress on your team — all because of a few lines of code.

Get the help you need

This is where b.ignited steps in. We're not just a test automation company; we're your partners in ensuring software quality. Our approach is tailored to understand and address the specific challenges you face.

Proactive Bug Detection: With our test automation tools and frameworks, we don't just wait for bugs to show up; we proactively hunt them down. Our systems comb through your code, identifying potential issues before they become problematic. We show those to the developers, so they can bring their code to the next level.

Customized Testing Strategies: We understand that every software is unique. That's why we don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team works with you to develop a testing strategy that aligns with your specific needs, ensuring thorough coverage of your application.

Streamlined Development Process: By integrating with your existing development workflow, we make the process of testing seamless and efficient. Our goal is to enhance your productivity, not hinder it. We ensure that your team can focus on what they do best - creating great software, while we take care of ensuring its quality.

Ongoing Support and Consultation: Our relationship doesn't end with setting up a test automation system. We provide continuous support and consultation, helping you navigate any new challenges that arise and ensuring that your software remains at the peak of quality.

Let's Talk Results

But enough about us, let’s talk about results. By partnering with b.ignited, companies have seen significant reductions in their bug rates, shortened development cycles, and, most importantly, a boost in client satisfaction and trust.

Taking the Next Step

Ready to take the next step towards flawless software delivery? Let's discuss how we can tailor our test automation solutions to fit your unique needs and help you deliver high-quality software consistently, without the fear of bugs slipping through the cracks.

Want more information before taking the next step? Download our E-book 'Real Costs of Bugs: 5 hidden issues and how Test Automation can solve them'.