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A Transformative Journey with b.ignited


Rouah Ismael



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Introducing Rouah: a driven intern at b.ignited. Currently studying a Master of Business Administration at the University in Ghent, Rouah's role as an intern functional analyst allows her to bridge the gap between business needs and IT solutions. Her firsthand experiences and reflections on her internships are captured in her compelling blog post, offering insights into her transformative journey at b.ignited.

As I was parking my car in the huge car park of the Cronos Group on the final day of my internship, a realization hit me. It occurred to me that the spot where I parked my car on my very first day was now exactly the same spot where I end my b.ignited journey. A wave of images rushed through my mind, forcing me to sit there for a few moments and reflect on my journey as an intern.

Sitting there, I remembered the overwhelming nervousness that had taken over me before I had set foot inside the building for the first time. However, the nervousness quickly disappeared thanks to b.ignited's warm and welcoming culture.

Stepping into the building felt like entering a whole new world. One that introduced me to the practical realities of the IT sector. Since the very first day, I had the privilege of working alongside highly skilled technical professionals. I joined the daily meetings, attended monthly workshops, and was introduced to real-life software development projects. As someone with a background in the business side of IT, I brought a unique perspective to the projects as an analyst. My insights were genuinely valued by the team and contributed to the growth of the projects.

Moreover, the internship challenged my technical skills. As I found myself diving into a sea of technologies that initially left me feeling overwhelmed, my interest for these technologies grew. I embraced this opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge. With the guidance of my mentor and colleagues, I was able to experiment with the various technical phases of the development process.

At the end of the day, leaving the car park, I felt a sense of pride and gratitude for the opportunities and growth that b.ignited had provided me. I drove away with not only the memories I’ve created but also a newfound confidence in my skills and abilities.